Courses Offered By The Registered Training Organization And Its Evaluation Process

Registered training organizations (RTOs), this is a training institute, which offers the vocational training programs, certificate courses, and diploma course to the students in different field of learning. These training institutes are the bodies that are certified and recognized and course offered by them gets in international acceptance and the best part about this institute is that it makes a student professional and industry ready. With the help the right approach of education, this institute makes the student so perfect in their work; they get absorbed by the industry right after completing the course or while they are studying. These institutes are not similar to those that offer formal education programs like bachelor or postgraduate programs, but these institutes are known for filling the gap that is created by the reputed and professional institutions. The RTOs instead of offering theory classes, focuses more on practical knowledge and the holistic development of the students. This is the reason that the RTO materials of study remain different from formal courses.

Different types of courses offered

The Registered Training Organizations are known for offering three types of courses primarily

  • Diploma course
    This is the course that can be taken by anyone, who wants to develop practical knowledge about the subject. The study material of diploma course remains crisp and focuses mainly on the practical knowledge. This course is even taken by the professionals, who want to brush up their skills. The duration of course could remain anything between 6 months to one year.
  • Certificate course
    These are the very short term courses, but its relevance is great. A student takes the certificate course, becomes ready for the job in the same field. This is because, in the certificate course more and more emphasis is given to the training and practical knowledge. For e.g. if a student is taking the certification course in mobile repairing, then in the course he will be introduced to the different types of errors and issues that occurs in the mobile phone and taught how to correct it, all practically.
  • Vocational course
    These are again the short term courses and it is often taken by the people who want to develop some kind of skills.

Course material of registered training organization and its assessment tools

As we saw the course content of the RTO and the approach towards imparting education is different from the school and colleges, thus its course content also remains very different. Most of the RTOs outsource their content material along with the assessment tools to ensure focused and accurate outcome. Please visit to read more about RTO assessment tools.