Do Not Cheat People

When you run a business you must make sure that you are fair. You should cater to all your stakeholders and fulfill their needs. Stakeholders are the people who have an interest in your company. Make sure that you run an ethical company that treats everybody well. An unethical company can have lots of problems and may even be forced to shut down.

Do not break the law

Organizations should make sure that they reach their profit targets and satisfy shareholders but they should do this within the policies and legislation that is set by the government and the local authorities. Owners of restaurants and cafes should make sure that any of their employees who serve liquor get a responsible service of alcohol certificate. When they get this they can serve or sell alcohol properly and responsibly.

Employees can enroll for an RSA course online Brisbane. They can watch videos and get to experience scenarios that happen in real life. It is easy to understand and it is also very fast to finish. Most online sites offer authentic courses and you should pick one that is known and reliable.

Treat everybody equally

Organizations should not treat people differently based on characteristics like religion, race or country of birth. If they do this they will be considered unethical and people might take action against them by not buy their products. Hiring employees should be based on their skills, knowledge and any other characteristic that is related to the job. Workers should be treated properly and they should be able to work in good working conditions. All workers will expect a fair wage as well.  

Do not harm the environment

If companies gain at the expense of society they will be considered unethical. Companies should not increase their profits at the expense of the environment. They should make sure that they reduce the amount of harmful fossil fuels that they emit and they should handle their waste properly so that it does not get into rivers and oceans and pollute the environment.

Ethical companies will help their community

An ethical company will voluntarily help their community. They will make sure that they don’t cause any harm and they will take all the necessary steps to prevent pollution. They will offer money to charities and help increase the standard of living in their community. Ethical companies don’t have to be forced by external forces to help others instead they will take the initiative and help others by themselves. Many people are looking to buy from ethical companies even if they have to spend more because of all the good work that these companies do.