Measures Involving Handling A Load Manually

Most of the injuries reported in a country can somewhat be caused by accidents during the handling of loads since they are highly strenuous jobs which require various body movements which can be very harmful if not carried out properly.

People have reported injuries such as bruises, cuts, fractures and also multiple damages to their back, neck, arms and the musculoskeletal structure as a whole. These are mostly caused by frequent wear and tear over routine handling work. These damages are referred to as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which can be allocated into three clusters.
1.    Upper limb and neck disorder
2.    Lower limb disorder
3.    Back injuries and Back pain

It is advised to provide a manual handling training courses Melbourne to the individuals involved in the job to reduce any risk. Here are some preventive measures that can be taken.

1.    Elimination
 Firstly, try to plan out the work process in such a manner that man power can be evaded to the maximum. You can use conveyer belts, load handling equipment, electric hoists, lift trucks, etc. so that human involvement can be completely avoided or at least restricted. If you eliminate, there will be no need to provide training to the people in the first place.

2.    Technical procedures
If manual handling can’t be escaped, try to use mechanical equipment as much as possible to replace people. You can again use electric hoists, conveyers, cranes etc, to get the job done. Nevertheless, consideration must be given to the possible risks of using such equipment. There can be accidents caused by mistakes during operating the equipments or even by the loud noises and excessive smoke.

3.    Organizational measures
If the above two measures are ineffective, then you should consider organizational measures. It would be difficult for people if they are required to perform a certain task alone. Hence, you can split the load into smaller parts and also let several people carry out one loading job. This will reduce the burden on one person and also give moral support. Also, supervisors should be fair when setting out the time for one job. It must be prolonged so that an individual can rest for a while and let his muscles recover. Also, you can put them into alternative tasks so that idle time is reduced.

4.     Provide info and training
People should be well aware of the hazards involved in the job along with the possible injuries they may face. Hence they should be given a trainer manual handling course so that have the necessary knowledge and training regarding the work.
These measures can prevent many risks involved in manual handling. It is vital to avoid workforce injuries as much as possible since it directly involves their health.