Stepping Out Of The Rat Race

For the most part, young people rarely earn enough money to sustain their everyday lives and will usually survive on a pay check to pay check basis for years on end without any money saved up in their bank accounts for an emergency and without much money remaining towards the last few days of the month. To top this off, these young people work extremely long hard hours in the work place after which they travel for hours on public transport in office rush traffic leaving them with no time for themselves to relax or simply take a break. This can be a very stressful lifestyle and if you have family and children, this can mean that you rarely have time to spend with them. As a parent, having to work the long grueling hours of a full time job can be very difficult because parenting in itself can be a full time job and having to manage both roles simultaneously can be difficult, tiring and very stressful.

Earning extra money on the side

The only solution for this is for you to try to earn some extra money on the side through a small side business that you can grow in order to eventually give up your job completely and run your own business. Most people will not have the opportunity to give up their full time jobs immediately but what you can do is to try and start a small home business that you can run in the evenings and during your weekends in order to earn a little extra money. Some ideas for this kind of businesses would be for you to become an English tutor if you are perfect at the language. There are always many people looking out for someone to help them to perfect the language and this would not only be a great opportunity to earn a little extra money but also for you to help someone.

You can consider selective tutoring to begin with and then work your way on from there. If you start tutoring adults, you can have after work classes for adults which would work well with your own schedule and their schedules too if they are full time workers. Not many people offer after work, evening classes so you are likely to have a monopoly of the market in your own area or town.

If you like children, you could also consider having classes for children on the weekends. Children will be a lot more fun and exciting to work with and therefore having kids classes will also be a form of relaxation for you.